Olsens Teater: ‘What Father does is always right’

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘What Father does is always right’

About yours and mine and ours,
About trading and giving away.
About borrowing or sharing
The half or everything.
A show with rhymes and verses intertwined with happy music.

‘What Father does is always right’ is filled with song. A lovely tale with beautiful wooden puppets and a constantly changing decoration.

Processed and dramatised: Staffan Björklund and Erik Olsen
Text: Signe Birkbøll
Puppets and scenography: Enid Björklund
Music: Lars Fjeldmose

Medborgerhuset (1)
Thursday 9/11 at 16:30
Sunday 12/11 at 14:00

Age: 3-6 years
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 30 minutes

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Festival of Wonder 2017