Sofie Krog Teater: The House

A comedy of horrors for teenagers and adults

Imagine a house that can tell us what is happening inside, behind its locked doors and closed curtains…

That is the case in The House, a story told by the house, in which a number of crimes occur. Come in to a freaky and crazy story about the dying Mrs. Esparanza, her deep secrets and precious will and testament.  Meet her pathetic nephew and his sly wife, as well as the dog and two odd home intruders who find themselves mixed up in the story…

Welcome to a universe of dark humor and cinematic puppet theatre for teens and adults. Try not to scream and grab onto the person beside you, when The House turns around and spooky thrills fly around you…

Performers: Sofie Krog, David Faraco
Composer: Cuco Perez
Dramatist, writer: Sofie Krog & David Faraco
Puppets: Sofie Krog
Scenography: David Faraco
Consultant: Jette Lund
Consultant: Martin Toft Sørensen
Idea: Sofie Krog and David Faraco

Jysk Musikteater, lille sal (5)
Friday 10/11 at 18:30

Age: 12+ and adults
Language: English
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 55 minutes

Buy tickets online (possible from Monday 4th September): Buy tickets here

Festival of Wonder 2017