Lille T og de forbudte bamser små Ditte Valente

Teatergruppen Batida: Little T and the forbidden Teddy Bears

In a town where teddy bears are forbidden, a boy named Little T was born. He was teased because his ears were as large as rhubarb leaves – but Little T didn’t care. He just sat and listened to the world. He could hear so much: a strawberry, a falling star….  But one day he heard that people in town were secretly sighing for teddy bears. And that far-away teddy bears were singing songs of longing for people….

A lovely happy show full of live music.

‘Little T and the forbidden teddy bears’ is excellent classical puppet theatre with an exotic twist.
Tobias Heilmann and Per Thomsen carry the show with competence and empathy, incorporating various instruments in a wonderful Arabian-inspired universe of sand and palm trees, where it is charming and acceptable that a camel gallops away on a guitar.
Gudrun Hagen in Teateravisen

Actors: Tobias Heilmann og Per Thomsen.
Composer: Batida
Dramatist, writer: Søren Ovesen
Director: Søren Ovesen
Scenography: Trine Holtoug

Medborgerhuset, sal C (1)
Saturday 11/11 at 11:00


Age: 4-9 years
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 40 minutes

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